Tong Thai

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Set on the fourth floor of the sprawling JW Marriot Marquis hotel, this restaurant with masculine, dark wood interiors and amber and blue hues of sultry light, provides an overall experience that stands out. One of the all-Thai staff will take you past the private dining areas that seat up to 10 people each (perfect for small parties) before arriving in the restaurant, where high ceilings are decorated with soft red lanterns. The menu is well-formed providing traditional cuisine with a fine-dining twist. Most ingredients are imported from Thailand (on the surmise that some fruits and vegetables just don’t taste the same when grown in other earth). The spring rolls are light and crunchy (the waitress customises the sweet chilli sauce to your liking before you dip), the papaya and peanut salad is simple but bursting with zingy flavour and the wagyu steak, served with a light ginger and soy dressing is mouthwatering. CP Tip: An interesting cocktail list of signature concoctions is reflected by the food (the tom yang has a delicious twist of spice mixed with fresh lemon grass and vodka).

Date NightAsianImpressNal al Sheba / Business Bay