• Shangri-La Hotel, Downtown
  • Sun & Thurs: 8.30pm-3am, Mon-Weds: 8.30pm-1am
  • 052 811 9900

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A somewhat tamer version of its saucy sister The Box (with venues in London and NY), The Act offers a theatre setting with carnival style performances and counts actors Jude Law and Rachel Weisz amongst its board members. Designed as a turn-of-the-century music hall with deep red walls, dense velvet curtains and mismatched baroque mirrors, bar staff are dapperly turned out and easy on the eye and phones and cameras are strictly forbidden. Originally launched in Las Vegas and billed as “a theatre of varieties”, The Act's stage shows are a mix of tongue-in-cheek panto, alternative dance and art. Their head chef hailing from Peru has devised a sharing style menu awash with authentic Peruvian fare and a smattering of international fusion. Dine from ornate crockery and cutlery. Try the tender ossobuco, tangy ceviche and the oxtail empanadas.

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