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Hands-down the best health food delivery service in Dubai, all meals are gluten and dairy free, packed with nutritional value. If you're craving comfort food Nourishing still have you covered; with options like their low-calorie Shepherd's pie, prawn Pad Thai, beef tacos, delicious chocolate brownies and cookies. This company manages to balance the needs of 'foodies' so well that customers rarely find themselves craving the bad stuff. Quality ingredients complimented by alternating, well-crafted dishes full of flavour and goodness make up their healthy ethos and if that wasn't enough, your order arrives via silent delivery each morning, outside your door.

CP Tip: If you need to consume over the average calorie intake per day, due to a rigorous training regime perhaps, you will need to supplement, as portion sizes are not large. The only thing this well-packaged company doesn’t offer is a calorie monitoring service, which would be the cherry on the (gluten free) cake.