Burj Al Arab

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The world's first unofficial seven star hotel, this iconic sail-shaped structure has become synonymous with the Middle East and all that glitters. The gleaming white, picture-postcard view, when you pass through security, gives you an almost instantaneous feeling of importance, surpassed by the effortless greeting and ‘check in.’ You’re swept past the swarms of Chinese holiday-makers snapping away at the colossal entrance (residents and diners only, there’s a strict ‘no tourist’ policy). Expect golden opulence in most corners, whether the Chopard boutique or one of the bombastic, shiny televisions in your suite (supposing you opt for the most affordable option, every apartment is nothing but). With a personal butler, two floors, guest bathrooms, spa and grand staircase, it's 1990s kitsch, but why change a legend? Those who feel perturbed may take solace in the fact that quality and service make-up for the cruise ship style interiors. Full-size Hermés toiletries see you suitably scented, whether you choose to head to the spa - with its palatial infinity pool - or to one of the grand restaurants. If you prefer a less formal, modern environment head to Bab Al Yam, where you can enjoy an alfresco apertivo and shisha on the terrace (with it's soon to be built beach club). You have your pick of the best beaches and pools Jumeirah have to offer and your travel between won't miss a beat (because you're staying in the Godfather, so you get the special treatment)…

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