• Kate Hazell

    London girl, Writer, Stylist and Fashion Director. Deputy Editor at Sorbet Magazine with a penchant for fluffy kittens and Joni Mitchell.

  • JC Butler

    J.C Butler

    The starchy CEO's antithesis and Co-Founder of Dubizzle. Loves a challenge. Makes a mean Margarita.

  • Sahar Wahbeh

    Sahar Wahbeh

    Designer and Founder of Dumyé, earth mother and creative perfectionist spreading kindness wherever she goes.

  • Aysha Majid

    Aysha Majid

    Founder and Editor of Cherrypick Dubai, shameless retrophile and arbiter of lifestyle and revelry. Credentials and published work include BBC London, Beach Tomato, Esquire, Rolling Stone ME, Grazia ME and Harpers Bazaar Interiors.

  • Shaz Sheibari

    Shaz Sheibani

    A true Dubaian, bon vivant and pioneer of merriment. Always ‘in the know,’ on the lookout for the next, the hidden, the unexpected…

  • Rebecca Ann Kelsey

    Rebecca Ann Kelsey

    Down to earth former Fashion and Beauty Editor for Grazia Middle East. Current work includes and Breath of fresh air, food fiend and fine chef with no filter.

  • Rachael Brown

    Rachael Brown

    Culture vulture and co-founder of Capsule Arts. Witty aesthetist, former Editor of and the UAE's Art Map.