Cherry Pick

“To select with great care.” 2013.
“Selectively choose (the most beneficial or profitable items, opportunities, etc.) from what is available.”Oxford Dictionary, 2013.
“To pick or accept the best people or things in a group. To select the best or most desirable.” 2014.
We are the city’s heartbeat, with a firm ear to the ground, scoping out the best spots in this ever-changing metropolis by carefully cherry-picking our content.
We sift the diamonds from the sand, enabling you time better spent on more important things; like hitting the best parties, spoiling yourself rotten in the most indulgent spas, chowing down in a quirky hidden gem, bathing in regional culture, or snoozing amidst fluffy pillows and designer interiors.
Cherrypick procures everything you need in one chic little guide — a one-stop hub of no-nonsense information. And if your city companion is not to hand...everything is conveniently accessible on our website and phone app.
Content is handpicked, along with colloquial, short, sharp and pithy features on the best places worth knowing in the city, social media updates, plus tips from resident designers, film creatives, business moguls and skilled social butterflies, on their secret city spots.
Hang with us and we'll take you to all the best places...